Toz (happyjolteon) wrote,

Pilot Pikachu!

Ah, I meant to make a bigger post about this trip but it will have to wait, as I've got a lot to get done my last few days here in Osaka!

However, I wanted to post to offer up my extra pilot Pikachu plush! They are exclusive to the Kansai Airport's Pokemon Store, though there is another version exclusive to Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. (However, none are available at the Pokemon Centers!)

While I am still in Japan, I'm asking $35 shipped for them. Shipping within the US will be somewhat cheaper (so probably $29 or so total), but I wouldn't be able to ship them until August. Thanks to USPS international postage hikes, shipping from the US to anywhere else (even Canada) is now more expensive than shipping from Japan.

Here he is, in his little jacket and tie!


I have several available, just comment to claim :)
Tags: sales

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