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Late April Sales

End of April sales!

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.
* I will be shipping from the US by USPS. Prices do not include shipping, packaging materials, or fees. Shipping within the US starts at $3.00, and shipping to anywhere else starts at $3.50.
* Haggling is allowed! However, anyone willing to commit at the regular price gets priority over hagglers.
* I take payment by PayPal for everything,and can also take check/money order payments from people in the US if the total is over $10.
* I won't sell to pkmncollectors' banned members.
* I'm not really looking for trades right now,but would still trade for any Dialga items on my wanted list.
* If you want to cancel a request for an item, that is fine! Just let me know as soon as possible so that I'm not waiting for your payment.

I can also combine these items with things in my Storenvy:
Lightning Kitty Sales

On to the items!

Remember, all pictures are thumbnails - click to see the full size versions!

Pokemon Center Boulangerie Bakery Tin

This unique Pokemon Center tin shows lots of Pokemon eating delicious bread! Measures about 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/4". I might have put Lush bath salts in there at some point, but I don't think so because now it just smells like a tin. Pokemon shown are Pikachu, Emolga, Scraggy, Munchlax, Audino, Pichu, Teddiursa, Tepig, Croagunk, Jigglypuff, Oshawott, Victini, Diglett, Plusle, Minun, Eevee, Ditto, Gulpin, and Minccino.
Top view
Side view
Other side

Pokemon Cynthia and Garchomp Card Box

This Pokemon Center card box is made of sturdy cardboard, and has three plastic (not patterned) dividers inside. I used this to store and display my Garchomp collection, but it hasn't been dragged around to card tournaments or anything so it's still in very good shape. Measures about 9 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 3 1/4".
Alternate view

Pokemon Ichiban Kuji Zekrom Lottery Prize Figure

And here's the Zekrom prize figure from the 2011 Banpresto lottery. In very good condition, has only been displayed, though it does have a nick (about 1/4" long) on the tail, probably from manufacturing. Zekrom himself measures about 8" tall, about 8 1/2" with the base. Zekrom easily detaches from the base (though he'll need something to support his tail) if you don't want to display the base. The base measures about 9 1/2" x 7 1/4".
Side view
Back view

Pokemon Ichiban Kuji Black Kyurem Lottery Prize Figure

This is the Black Kyurem prize figure from the 2012 Banpresto lottery. In very good condition, has only been displayed. Measures about 6 1/2" tall (including wings).
Side view
Face closeup

Pokemon Black Kyurem and White Kyurem DX Tomy Figures

Here are some more DX Tomys! Both of these have only been displayed, but Black Kyurem has some yellowing, particularly on his tail. It's definitely not a food stain, so I'm guessing it must be from sun exposure. Both have their original hang tag and are about 6 1/2" tall.
Face views
Black's tail closeup
Available: Black Kyurem ($8), White Kyurem ($10)

Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom DX Tomy Figures

More DX Tomys! Both of these were bought at the Black/White mall tour, and have only been displayed since then. Both have their original hang tags, and are about 5" tall.
Available: Zekrom ($6), Reshiram ($6)

Pokemon Palkia and Giratina DX Tomy Figures

More DX Tomys! Both of these are from 2009, and have only been displayed. They have their original hang tags and are about 5" tall.
Face views
Available: Palkia ($5), Giratina ($10)

Pokemon Ho-oh and Lugia Hyper Size Tomy Figures

Continuing with more Tomy figures, here we have some Hyper Size figures, which are also posable! These two are about 3" tall, and have only been displayed. (I started a Hyper Size collection a while back.)
Available: Lugia ($12), Ho-oh ($10)

Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre Hyper Size Tomy Figures

More Hyper Size figures! Groudon is about 3 1/2" tall, and Kyogre about 3 1/2" long. Both are in great condition.
Top view
Face view
Available: Groudon ($12), Kyogre ($12)

Pokemon Xerneas and Yveltal Hyper Size Tomy Figures

More Hyper Size figures! Yveltal is about 3" tall, and Xerneas is just short of 4" tall. Yveltal also comes with a base to allow easier display. Both are in great condition.
Available: Yveltal ($12), Xerneas ($12)

Pokemon Kyurem UFO Plush

This is Kyurem's regular UFO plush, one of the few plush regular Kyurem got. It's in very good condition, and I don't see any damage to the felt parts, paint, or anything else. Measures about 6 1/2" long, with both tags attached.
Other side

Pokemon Japanese DVDs

Oops, I forgot to include these in my last sale of Pokemon DVDs! These are either regular episodes or special features. We have "Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!!", which appears to be a 45-minute mini-movie. Next is a Team Galactic compilation, which has 9 episodes: DP36 (A Secret Sphere of Influence!), DP60 (Journey to the Unown!), DP69 (Enter Galactic!), DP96 (Losing Its Lustrous!), DP97 (Double Team Turnover!), DP136 (Gateway to Ruin!), DP150 (Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!), DP151 (The Needs of the Three!), and DP152 (The Battle Finale of Legend!). The front of the case has one deep dent and a few smaller ones. Finally, we have a rental copy of some Diamond and Pearl episodes from 2008, featuring Gligar and Gliscor. Well, one of them does, anyway! There are a few moderately sized dents on the back. Includes episodes DP85 (Fighting Fear with Fear!), DP86 (Arriving in Style!), and DP87 (The Psyduck Stops Here!).
All of these are Region 2, so you will need either a Region 2 DVD player or a Region Free player in order to play them.
Available: Deoxys Crisis ($8), Galactic Collection ($10), 2008 Compilation ($6)

Pokemon Diancie Movie Popcorn Bucket

This popcorn bucket was sold in movie theaters during the showing of the Diancie movie last summer. One side of the bucket shows the stars of the movie itself (Diancie, Yveltal, Xerneas, Dedenne, Chespin, Clemont, Froakie, Bonnie, Serena, Fennekin, Mega Absol, Pikachu, and Ash), the other has Pokemon from the Klefki short (Pikachu, Dedenne, Klefki, Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie, and keychain charm versions of Jirachi, Victini, Manaphy, and Darkrai). The lid is clear red and has a detachable Pikachu strap on it - it used to have a Dedenne as well, but that was taken off to give to a friend. Measures about 7 1/4" tall x 7" wide.
Klefki side

Pokemon KeldeoBucket2

This popcorn bucket was sold in movie theaters during the showing of Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice in 2012. One side of the bucket shows the stars of the movie itself (Keldeo, Kyurem, White Kyurem, and Black Kyurem), the other has Pokemon from the Meloetta short (Pikachu, Meloetta (Aria), Torchic, Snivy, Piplup, Meowth, Bulbasaur, Togepi, Oshawott, Pansage, Totodile, Emolga, Squirtle, Corphish, Psyduck, Wobbuffet, Croagunk, Scraggy, Chikorita, and Axew). The lid is clear blue and has Keldeo, Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion on it. Measures about 7" tall x 6 3/4" wide.
Meloetta side

Pokemon Jakks Pacific Deluxe Figure Zoroark

Here we have a large Jakks figure of Zoroark, still in the original box. I kept it in there since it displays well, but the top is now somewhat dented as a result. The box itself measures 9" x 8 3/4", and it's hard to measure the figure itself, but it looks to be about 5" tall.
Side view
Top view
Back view
Top damage

Pokemon Kanji Practice Notebook

This notebook is meant for Japanese kids to use when practicing their kanji writing. I like to use them myself for the same purpose, but I have extras of a few designs so I'm offering them for sale here. This one has Pancham, Bunnelby, Litleo, Chespin, Pikachu, Fennekin, and Froakie on the front, and Bunnelby, Litleo, and Pancham on the back. Measures about 10" x 7", new and unused.

Pokemon Kanji Practice Notebook

Another kanji practice notebook with a different design. This one has Vivillon, Noivern, Honedge, Furfrou, Venipede, Squirtle, Corphish, Froakie, Azurill, Chespin, Pikachu, Dedenne, Fennekin, Kecleon, Audino, Pancham, Sudowoodo, Sentret, and a bunch of cut Furfrou on the front, and Pancham, Froakie, and Pikachu on the back. New and unused. 2 available!

Pokemon Kanji Practice Notebook

Another kanji practice notebook with a different design. This one has Whimsicott, Exeggutor, Panpour, Oshawott, Snivy, Cinccino, Tepig, Surskit, Piplup, Pikachu, Stunfisk, and Eevee on the front, and Surskit, Stunfisk, and Piplup on the back. New and unused.

Pokemon Suicune and Raikou Plamo Figures

These two figures are Pokemon Plamo, and have been assembled with stickers applied. Suicune is in very good shape, though there are some small bumps from the plastic molds. Raikou is also in good condition, but some of the black markings are starting to peel off - he might benefit from a repainting. I would recommend shipping these in boxes, as Plamo tend to be more fragile than other figures.
Side view 1
Side view 2
Face view
Available: Suicune ($8), Raikou ($8)

Pokemon With You Charity Mug

This ceramic mug was sold at the Pokemon Centers as part of the Pokemon With You charity program. The front shows a whole bunch of Pokemon, mainly starters and legendaries, forming a heart shape. Measures about 3 1/2" diameter at the top and about 3 1/2" tall.
Back view

Pokemon Cooking Club Ceramic Dish

I bought this dish many years ago on the Pokemon Center website. It's made of ceramic, and measures about 4" diameter and just over 2" tall. The center shows Pikachu, Blissey, and Chikorita in the Pokemon Cooking Club logo. The dish has been lightly used for small snacks, and is in great shape. There is a tiny (1/16"?) spot of missing brown paint along the rim, a small manufacturing puncture in the glaze in the center, and a black spot under the glaze on one side.
Damage close up

Pokemon Eevee Friends Plastic Bowl

This Eevee and Friends plastic bowl was sold at 711 stores with packages of Pokemon ramen. It has been lightly used for Pokemon ramen and other snacks. The sides show Sylveon, Pikachu, Eevee, Jolteon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, and Espeon. Measures just over 4" diameter at the top, and is about 2 1/4" tall.
Back 1
Back 2

Pokemon Jakks Pacific Gible Action Figure

This is the Jakks Gible figure. It measures about 2" tall, and the stubby little arms and legs are posable.

Pokemon Reshiram Tomy MC Figures - Regular and Clear

Here are two Reshiram Tomy MCs: a regular version and a clear movie edition. Both are in great condition with minimal wear.
Available: Regular ($5), Clear ($8)

Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom Soap Figures Bikkura Tamago

These are soap figures, so called because they come packaged in a ball of soap (actually more like a bath salt) that you have to dissolve to get them out. Choose from regular and overdrive formes!
Available: Regular Reshiram ($8), Regular Zekrom ($8), Overdrive Reshiram ($10), Overdrive Zekrom ($10)

Pokemon Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, and Suicune Soap Figures Bikkura Tamago

Here are a few more soap figures! All are in great shape.
Available: Black Kyurem ($10), White Kyurem ($10), Suicune ($15)

Pokemon Sealed 2009 Bikkura Tamago Soap Figures

If you've seen soap figures around and would like to try opening them for yourself, here's a chance at some still-sealed figures from 2009! Pokemon you might get are shown here: Arceus, Gliscor, Gizamimi Pichu, Totodile, Chikorita, and Pikachu. Please note that since these contain bath salts, they may be expensive to ship, especially outside the US. This will be my last call for these before I open them up myself.

Pokemon Kyurem Pose Figure

Pose figures are large, rubbery figures that can pose to varying degrees. Kyurem's shape being what it is, this one can't do a lot of posing, but the back legs do move around.

Pokemon Dratini and Dragonair Figures

Next up are some Dragonite-line items. Here's a Dratini roller stamp (on the Pokeball), a Dragonair chibi stamp, and a Dratini Full Color Stadium figure.
Available: Dratini stamp ($8), Dragonair stamp ($6), Dratini FCS ($6)

Pokemon Dragonite Figures and Can Badge

And how about some Dragonites? Here we have the candy figure (or were they still Chupa then?), a Tomy keychain, and a super cute cookie can badge from the Pokemon Center.
Available: Candy figure ($8), Keychain ($5), Can Badge ($8)

Pokemon Dratini Gold Keshimon Figure

The precursor to Keshipoke, Keshimon are made of metal and come in two colors, gold and silver. They're also super tiny - this Dratini is about 1/2" tall.
Other side

Pokemon Battle Trozei Puffy Sticker Sheets

Here are two sheets of puffed stickers from XY's Battle Trozei, featuring lots of chibi Pokemon faces. Both and new and still sealed. The little stickers are each 3/8" tall, and the Xerneas and Yveltal stickers are about 2" tall. Each sheet has 50 little stickers and one big one. I'm not going to name all the Pokemon on them, but some popular ones on the Yveltal sheet are: Eevee, Lucario, Sylveon, Giratina, Mewtwo, Lugia, Tyrunt, Latias, Groudon, Wobbuffet, Dedenne, Stunfisk, Charizard, Pachirisu, and Litwick.
Available: Yveltal sheet ($6), Xerneas sheet ($10)

Pokemon Generation One Card Pokedex

A few years ago, I decided to put together a card Pokedex. It was a mix of Japanese and English cards, mostly based on what I had on hand and choosing for the coolest/cutest art when possible. I didn't finish it completely, but I got most of the Pokemon there were at the time. Here's the Gen 1 set, which has a complete set of Kanto Pokemon.

Pokemon Generation Three Card Pokedex

Here's another card Pokedex, this time for Gen 3, Hoenn! This one is also fully complete, except that I don't have cards for Deoxys's alternate formes.
If there's interest in these two, I'll also put up my Gen 2 and Gen 4 dexes.

Pokemon Zoroark 711 Styluses

These super-rare styluses were sold blind-packed at 711 stores during summer 2010. I bought these two there myself, and they've only been displayed since then.
Available: Solid ($20), Clear ($20)

Pokemon Gible, Gabite, and Giratina Figures

Here are three little dragon figures: a Gible Chou Get, a Gabite palace figure (with no palace), and a Giratina Chou Get (without a base).
Available: Gible ($5), Gabite ($5), Giratina ($0.50)

Pokemon Pencils, Memo Pads, and Bookmarks

This mixed lot of stationery includes: 2 Darkrai Jakks pencils, 2 Palkia Jakks pencils, 1 Darkrai Jakks mechanical pencil, 1 Mew Pencil Collection, Palkia and Darkrai 10th movie notepads (maybe 8-10 sheets each?), and a pack of tiny post-it style bookmarks of Giratina, Entei, Arceus, and Palkia.

Pokemon Eevee Evolution Paper Bookmarks

Here's a separate pack of those post-it style mini bookmarks. Each has a little room to write a message, though the whole pack is only 4 1/2" long, so each one is pretty small. Jolteon has been removed.
$3 per Pokemon or all for $6 (Umbreon sold)

Pokemon Pencil Caps Lot

Here's another stationery lot, though this time it's all pencil caps! These are meant to keep your pencils from getting graphite all over everything else in your pencil box. All are new and unused, though some may have been displayed. You get: Xerneas, Gogoat, Yveltal, Talonflame, Arceus (2 kinds), Giratina (3 kinds), Palkia (3 kinds), Reshiram x2, Victini, Zekrom x2, Pikachu x 2, Hydreigon, Shieldon, Bronzong and Heatran, Pikachu and Zoroa, and Dragon Selection Druddigon. I can split this lot if there's no interest in the whole thing.

Pokemon Eevee Maison Plastic Stamps

These are stamps from the La Maison de Eievui (house of Eevees) promotion in 2012. Each stamp measures about 1 1/4" square.
Edge of stamps
Available: Vaporeon ($6), Leafeon ($6), Espeon ($8), Glaceon ($6)

Pokemon Glaceon Pita Poke

Glaceon's super cute Pita Poke. Comes with all accessories: shaved ice, shaved ice maker, bridge, and base.

Pokemon Battle Museum Figures

I think these are all Battle Museum figures, though some of them could just be pencil toppers. Any of the $0.50 figures are free with a purchase of anything else here, and I have multiples of some of them.
Available: Elekid ($1), Granbull ($1), Steelix ($1), Sneasel ($3), Tyranitar ($3), Hoothoot solid color ($1), Hitmontop ($0.50), Aipom ($0.50), Igglybuff ($0.50), Heracross ($0.50), Pichu on base ($0.50), Gligar ($1), Blissey ($1), Pichu sitting ($0.50), Hoothoot clear ($1), Slowking ($1)

Pokemon Kingdra Pokemon Ranger Pin

This nice glossy pin was part of a 2006 Pokemon Ranger set. Measures about 1 1/2" long.

Pokemon Meowth Cards Mixed Lot

Here's another mixed lot, but this time it's all Meowth cards! These are from my old Meowth collection many years ago. Includes 43 cards total: a promo card from Black Diamond (a cheese company), a Bandai anime/tcg sticker, 2 Burger King cards (one of Meowth and one of Mew with Meowth on the back), a regular Carddass card, a metallic Meiji card, a Kellogg Canada card (for Pokemon Snap), a Canadian Bell phone card, an old VS card (with Marowak), 21 TCG cards (first edition, unlimited, Japanese, and promos), 8 Topps cards, and 5 Carddass anime cards. You can also have 2 homemade cards I made years ago for my own amusement.

Pokemon Team Rocket Carddass Anime Cards

This is a set of 12 Carddass cards featuring Jessie, James, and Meowth (and two with Giovanni as well). Each shows a scene from an anime episode on the front, and an explanation (in Japanese) of the scene on the back.

Pokemon Reshiram Zukan (2 types)

Here are two of the Reshiram zukan: the original version (with stand) and the clear Overdrive version. Since these zukan have a tendency to fall apart easily, each has one leg glued in to its body, and the non-clear zukan has one of its head-tufts glued in as well.
Available: Regular ($8), Clear ($8)

Pokemon Cyndaquil Squishy Figure and Mini Bank

These two Cyndaquil are both from the year 2000. The one on the left is squishy (stress-ball material), and the one on the right is a miniature coin bank. (There's a slot in in the fire and a stopper in the base.)
Available: Squishy ($5), Bank ($6)

Pokemon Meowstic Male and Female Mascot Plush

These minky Meowstic mascot plush are in excellent condition, never used or displayed. The female mascot has a pink keychain, and the male has a blue one.
Available: Male ($15), Female ($12)

Pokemon Meowth, Persian, Purrloin, and Skitty Pokemon Center Charms

A variety of kitty charms. Meowth, Purrloin, and the left Skitty appear to be 2012 Dex charms, as they're marked with their Pokedex numbers. Persian I think is a 2009 Dex charm, as it's marked 139/256, and the other Skitty (on the right) is not a Dex charm at all, but originally came attached to the PokeCen Skitty makeup bag.
Available: Meowth ($5), Persian ($5), Purrloin ($5), left Skitty ($6), right Skitty ($8)

Pokemon Palkia and Gabite Kids

And here we get into some Kids sales! These are from my personal collection, and most of them were bought new, so you can expect them to be free of paint rubs, major wear, etc unless I describe otherwise. The attack Gabite kid has a small grey/light blue paint rub, and is missing a small amount of paint on one head-jet.
Available: Palkia attack ($2), Palkia regular ($1), Gabite regular ($3), Gabite attack ($4)

Pokemon Reshiram and Kyurem Kids Figures

These Reshiram look very similar, but they're slightly different poses. It's not shown here, but Kyurem will include its card sticker.
Available: Reshiram looking forward ($3), Reshiram looking up ($4), attack Kyurem ($6)

Pokemon Clear and Special Edition Kids Figures - Giratina, Dratini, Reshiram, and Suicune

These Kids are special versions of some type. Giratina and Dratini are clear, Reshiram has a pearly finish, and Suicune has glitter/sparkles in the blue plastic.
Available: Giratina ($10), Dratini ($5), Reshiram ($4), Suicune ($8)

Pokemon Dragonite Kids Figures

Here we have some Dragonite Kids. From left to right: old-style Dragonite, 'hugs' Dragonite, Iris's (angry) Dragonite, and a clear version of Iris's (angry) Dragonite.
Available: Original ($2), Hugs ($7), Iris's ($4), Iris's Clear ($4)

Pokemon Axew Kids Figures

I've got a bunch of Axew Kids as well! From left to right: original Kid, clear original Kid, pearly happy Kid, normal happy Kid, and attack Kid. The attack kid has a little extra bit of green paint on one fang.
Available: Original ($2), Clear ($2), Pearly happy ($4), Normal happy ($4), attack ($5)

Pokemon Latios and Latias Kids Figures

And here are some Lati kids. From left to right: Dragon Claw Latios, regular Latios (note: has ゆうか written on the back in Sharpie), 'surfing' Latios, regular Latias (this version has darker white paint, almost blue, than the other Latis), 'surfing' Latias, and Wish Latias. Wish Latias has a small red paint rub near where her chin would be.
Available: Dragon Claw Latios ($8), regular Latios ($1), surfing Latios ($7), regular Latias ($2), 'surfing' Latias ($7), Wish Latias ($7)

Pokemon Garchomp and Mega Garchomp Kids Figures

Garchomp kids! The regular one has some missing paint on claws and tips.
Available: Regular ($5), attack ($5), Mega ($7)

Pokemon Kids Figures

Various Kids figures, all in very good condition. I bought most of these new too, so they don't have paint rubs or other flaws unless otherwise noted.
Available: Vulpix ($6), Miltank ($3), Meowth rubbing ($3), Meowth with guitar ($5), Shinx ($6), Typhlosion ($8), Skitty ($4), Charmander ($3), Bulbasaur ($3)

Pokemon Kids Figures

Various Kids figures. The Weavile in the back was from a lot, so it has some paint rubs and one point of the crown has the red worn off. The paint on one of Nidoqueen's claws seems to be wearing off a little bit.
Available: Weavile ($1), Swoobat ($4), Skitty ($3), Nidoqueen ($2), Nidoking ($5), Liepard ($5), Deerling ($3), Whimsicott ($5), Joltik ($5), Mega Mawile ($6)

Pokemon Kids Figures

Various Kids figures. Quilava seems to have a small white spot of paint (from manufacturing, it looks like) on its forehead that may come off. Typhlosion has some small, light paint rubs on its flames. Some of the paint on Glameow's toes is coming off. Otherwise, in great shape!
Available: Audino ($4), Umbreon ($8), Cilan ($3), Sylveon ($6), Glameow ($1), Cyndaquil ($3), Typhlosion ($4), Quilava ($6), Yveltal ($5)

Pokemon Kids Figures

Delcatty is missing some paint on his nose and has some small paint rubs on his face, with some more rubs on the front of the mane. The paint of points on the ends of the ears are worn off in some places. Weavile has the same type of wear on each paw's claws, and also some paint worn off of the head jewel. Vulpix has some light paint rubs on the back of its tail.
Available: Keldeo ($3), Skrelp ($4), Meowth with claws ($5), Meowth rubbing ($5), clear Pansage ($2), Pansear ($2), Delcatty ($2), Maractus ($5), Weavile ($1), Vulpix ($7)

Pokemon Kids Figures in Plastic

These Kids are all still in their original plastic, so they are in new condition. I have multiples of some of these.
Available: Honedge ($3), Amaura ($4), Fletchling ($4), Sylveon attack ($8), Flabébé ($3), Aurorus ($5), Helioptile ($5), Mega Gardevoir ($4), Zorua ($5), Heliolisk ($4), Charmander ($3), Swirlix ($4), Espurr ($5)

Pokemon Kids Figures in Plastic

These Kids are all still in their original plastic, so they are in new condition. I have multiples of some of these.
Available: Chespin ($3), Mega Blaziken ($4), Vivillon ($5), Furfrou ($4), Mega Absol ($6), Litleo ($4)

Pokemon Rotom Kids Figures

Various Rotom Kids! Sorry, I don't have Wash for some reason. Spin has wear on its center spike, and some red paint rubs on the back. Frost has slight paint rubs on one handle and on the back of its spike.
Available: Regular ($3), Frost ($4), Mow ($4), Spin ($3), Heat ($3)

Pokemon Moncolle Plus Figures Giratina, Palkia, and Garchomp

These are MC+ figures, a deluxe version of Tomy MCs. All were bought new and are in great shape.
Available: Giratina ($12), Palkia ($10), Garchomp ($12)

Pokemon Moncolle Plus Figures Suicune, Glaceon, and Druddigon

More Moncolle+!
Available: Suicune ($15), Glaceon ($12), Druddigon ($12)

Pokemon Moncolle Plus Figures: Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem

Even more Moncolle+.
Available: Zekrom ($15), Reshiram ($15), Kyurem ($15)

Pokemon Clear Tomy MC Giratina and Pearly MC Zoroark

These are two special versions of the regular Tomy MC. Giratina is a 2009 clear attack pose, and Zoroark is a pearly movie edition figure.
Available: Giratina ($15), Zoroark ($12)

Pokemon Skitty Minicot Figure

Skitty's cute little minicot! Not much to say about it, other than that it looks to be in great shape.

Pokemon Gible Mega Block and Figures

Here we have three little Gible: the Mega Blok, the Chupa figure, and a candy cap figure.
Available: Blok ($12), Chupa ($7), Candy cap ($8)

Pokemon Druddigon Stamp and Chupa Figure

Two little Druddigons. The stamp says "Sorry!" and I believe the figure is the Chupa/candy figure.
Available: Stamp ($1), Figure ($4)

Pokemon Lucario Figures

Here are several Lucario figures: the Super Card Battle Stadium (on yellow base), a chibi figure with a hexagonal peg slot, the Jakks figure (some paint worn off of the chest spike), a rubbery keychain figure (no keychain), and an Aura staff keychain. The small figure on the right (with no keychain) is free with a purchase of anything else here.
Available: Card Battle Stadium ($8), chibi figure ($4), Jakks ($3), rubbery keychain figure ($4), staff and keychain figure ($5), loose staff figure ($0.50)

Pokemon Latios and Latias Magnet

I believe this magnet was from an American AG era set. The magnet appears bent near Latios's right wing, but this appears to be just the top layer of plastic peeling, as it's not bent on the magnet side.

Pokemon Zoroark Keychains, Pin, and Pressed Penny

Here's a selection of metal Zoroark items. We have the pressed penny, dot sprite badge, bronze metal emblem, and loose movie keychain charm.
Available: Penny ($4), Badge ($5), Emblem ($5), Movie Charm ($7)

Pokemon Pokemon Bandaids

These bandaids were originally mixed together in their packages, but I've rearranged them so that there's a whole box of 10 of each type. Note that these are meant for kids, so they're smaller than standard band-aids, but still entirely usable. Each option here is for the full box, not just a single bandage.
Available: Pachirisu ($1), Darkrai ($1), Turtwig ($1), Piplup ($1)

That's all for today, thanks for looking!

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