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Free! Goods for Sale

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club items for sale!

Free! KyoAni Shop Can Badges
Can Badges from KyoAni Shop: $3 each

Free! Toy Display Case
Plastic Display Case (has a hook at the top to hang charms/keychains), includes original box. $8 each, have two.

Metal Makoto Bookmark
Metal Makoto bookmark: $6

Free! Rubber Charms
Rubber charms. Nagisa is used (has no charm strap) and is $2, everyone else is brand new and $10.

Free! Keychains
Haru keychain: $5
Mako/Haru keychain with whistle: $5

Free! Makoto Character Song CD
Makoto's character song CD: $8

Free! Momotarou Character Song CD
Momo's character song CD: $10

Free! Clear Plastic Sheet
Iwatobi large clear card $5

Free! Clear Plastic Sheet
Samezuka large clear card $5

Free! Nagisa Lifesize Cloth Poster
KyoAni Shop new in package Lifesize Nagisa Cloth Wallscroll/Poster $40
(Currently looks like this)

Free! Haruka and Rin Large PillowFree! Haruka and Rin Large Pillow
Rin/Haru Large Pillow. From the Animate lottery, I think? Has some slight flaws in the fabric.

Free! Official Samezuka T Shirt
Official KyoAni Shop Samezuka T Shirt, size M. Has a black front and the team logo on the back. Bottom of design.

There are also a few pins in my shop:
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