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All Girls Leave Home Someday. It Said So On TV.

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28 September
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Pokemon is life, the rest is just details~

You may also wish to check out my collection site, Dialga FTW!

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If you need to contact me regarding Pkmncollectors (or for something else), please send me an email at happyjolteon at gmail.com, or you can reply to any of my comments or posts. I can also be reached by AIM at happyjolteon most of the time. I prefer not to use PMs, as they sometimes get lost.

If you want to call me something for short, please call me Toz!

Main collections:

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Side collections:

Dragon Collectors logoLati (Latias/Latios) Collectors logo Dialga / Palkia / Giratina Collectors logo Gliscor Collectors logo Suicune Collectors logoZoroark Collectors logo

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